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06May 2010
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The Usobio line of disposable, biodegradable products is the solid answer to the demand for mass consumption products with a low environmental impact. In the recent years, the search for alternative materials to the plastic obtained from petrochemicals has led to new solutions, with a steadily better performance and a decreasing environmental impact. Usobio is a brand with an eye to innovation, constantly seeking for materials and production techniques that improve the characteristics and qualities of its products.
The specific know-how in the field of bio-plastics enables Usobio to offer its clients the best product in terms of performance and eco-compatibility. 

Bio-plastics are created from renewable agricultural by-products, decrease the emissions of green-house gases, reduce the consumption of energy and non-renewable resources, and complete a virtuous cycle: the raw materials of agricultural origin return to the ground through biodegradation processes or composting, without releasing air pollutants.


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Usobio offers a continually improved products selection, constantly updated with new materials and new technologies for sustainable production.

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OK Compost

The raw materials used are certified with the "OK compost" marking, which ensures compliance to the European norms concerning biodegradable packaging, issued in 2002 (EN 13432 Directive).