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17Jan 2011
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Usobio produces and markets biodegradable products created from several renewable raw materials, with particular characteristics and qualities which determine their purpose.


A biopolymer obtained from corn starch, 100% biodegradable and compostable, in compliance with the EN13432 norm.
Glasses made from this material are transparent and all-in-all similar to plastic-made glasses, but with  several unmistakable advantages from an ecological point of view.
PLA is doesn't stand high temperatures (max. 55° C- 131 °F), that means these glasses are only suitable to contain cold drinks.

PLA coupled with cardboard 
The PLA is joined with biodegradable cardboard to resist at high temperatures. The glasses built with this material are suitable to contain hot drinks. 

This raw material is obtained from the residual fibers produced from the processing of some plants, in particular bamboo and sugar cane. Tableware built with cellulose pulp is suitable for food contact, in accordance to law regulations, and can also contain liquid foods, is heat-resistant, and can be used for a short time span in a traditional or microwave oven.


A type of bio-plastic derived from corn starch, wheat and potato, entirely biodegradable and compostable.


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Usobio offers a continually improved products selection, constantly updated with new materials and new technologies for sustainable production.

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OK Compost

The raw materials used are certified with the "OK compost" marking, which ensures compliance to the European norms concerning biodegradable packaging, issued in 2002 (EN 13432 Directive).